10 reasons why you should adopt agile development

10 reasons why you should adopt agile development

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The use of agile project development has many advantages than the waterfall alternative. Agile development methodology is proving to be an incredible solution to business world, and there is a lot that a business can fetch from the technique.  Herein are ten reasons why each organization should move to agile.

  1. Getting to the market faster

By the use of agile methodologies, teams can escape the lengthy product delivery cycle that does not deliver the intended and right product at the end. Speed delivery is key to beating the competition.

  1. Better engagement with the customers

Agile allows the active involvement of the final user of the product in the development of the product. The user can also keep in touch with the product development. Changes can also be implemented along the way leading to a better product.

  1. Better collaboration among employees

The use of agile team collaboration platform enables members working on a particular project to collaborate with ease on all the areas of the project. This prevents duplication of efforts and promotes consensus and faster problem solving.

  1. Better risk reduction

In essence, agile is risk management. By the process of delivering early and getting quality feedback, the company lowers the risk of producing wrong products.

  1. Controlling costs

The use of agile management enables a company to put fixed timelines for achievement of particular milestones. It also has an evolving requirements system that enables budget control. The product can also be varied regarding the scope of features thereby leading to better cost control.

  1. Easier application maintenance

It is common to find products with a single point of failure just because there is only one person that knows the product enough to make changes. With agile, this is eliminated as multiple developers are working on a system.

  1. Better quality products

Studies have shown that the final products from the agile management have lower failures and defect compared to the traditional product development methods. This is brought about by constant feedback.

  1. Agility in the product development process

When making tech products using traditional methods, the spec is predetermined before the development process. Therefore, it becomes hard and expensive to change specs later. However, as for agile development principles, changes can be made as needed. This leads better concept and products that fit the purpose.

  1. Higher and fast revenue

In agile development, product features are added on the go. This enables the company to earn some revenue from the already finished product as new features are developed.

  1. Better working environment for teams

Agile allows for collaboration, cooperation, and active involvement of all parties to a project. Instead of the lengthy spec documents and plans, members collaborate in every stage of product development. The teams are also empowered to make decisions as they go. This boosts the teamwork spirit, motivation, and performance.

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