What is so different about Agile ?

What is so different about Agile ?

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What is so different about Agile? I have to answer this question almost every time while talking with many people about Krosswall – as an Agile Project Management tool.

Adopting a tool or any new process is a very conscious decision goes through a long process of brainstorming which starts with the first question:


We are able to do good business, why would we need any new process to be introduced?

There are 10 good reasons for Agile I can give but still, the straight answer is…trend.  You have to upgrade with time. Why are you working on cutting edge technology and not on so call old way of having every piece written in the same file? Why are you now no more working on Cobol, FoxPro, old versions of language?

One has to understand the trend. Why wait for your customers to ask for Agile. Why can’t you yourself be Agile and feel the change in way of working?


Do you have following thoughts while running an any business ?

When someone asks me to compare waterfall with Agile or their current way of working with Agile, I feel like comparing an Apple with an Orange.

Agile is a mindset,  not just a process or a framework. It is no different in giving a set of rules to be Agile, but that is just because we always need a rulebook to follow.

What if your every team member understands their sense of responsibility?

Would you like to get a forecast about team will be able to complete the work? or they are facing some problems?

What if your customer feel that he is part of the development team and instead of yelling at your team, he should feel that this is change request and not the original requirement?

How many times you have asked for feedback from the team, and they are genuinely interested in giving it for overall betterment!

How many times your project manager tells you that team is in-efficient to complete this project on time-on budget?

There are 10 more questions I can draft here which you might be having in your mind all time. Honestly, Agile is the answer to each one of them.

Agile does not change anything overnight.

Agile has many frameworks, some popular are Scrum, Kanban and SAFe.  It is immaterial which one you are adopting for your organization. However, organization management first has to open up to change and that will be the first step towards Agile.

– Rajul Shah



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