Say no to Mechanical Scrum – Better prepared for Daily Scrum

Say no to Mechanical Scrum – Better prepared for Daily Scrum

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Daily Scrum / Stand-up meetings are part of Scrum practice. Surveys says that even though entire scrum process is not being followed, the daily scrum is now an integral part of every IT and non-IT organization.

When the team starts adopting Agile fundamental, may be Daily Scrum is the very first things they adopt. Stand-up meeting brings a sense of responsibility and commitments.

The team discussed following three things in standups.

  • What I did Yesterday?
  • What I will do today?
  • What is in my way? or any Hurdles?

First few days of project start are very exciting, slowly team lost interest in daily scrum. Loss of interest happens due to the 3 mechanical questions team member answer in daily scrum every day.

Some teams play games like passing the ball and the one who has the ball will speak up. Unfortunately, such things don’t work for a long.

Krosswall helps in resolving this mechanical scrum problem.  How ?

Get better ready for scrum. I have already planned my sprints, my stories are already assigned to me. I have already drilled down my tasks. So, what best I can do?

Plan your day in Krosswall, it takes just a few clicks may be less than 5 mins. Every team member does the same thing. And, krosswall brings the consolidated view of above three questions.

Someone may question, that in such case you are losing the motivation of collaboration !! Why so?

You can still discuss those three questions, but very quickly and then focus more on productive discussions Like talk at length on your Wall and burn-downs.

Burndown: Everyday team should check if burn-downs are going as per expectations. If there are any new requirement added to sprint, then what is the priority.  If burn-down is not as per expectations the reason and corrective steps if required.

Walls: If half sprint has been passed then walls are the most important area which team should look every day together. Daily scrum is the best place to achieve this. Check how many stories are going in done stage. What all stories need little help and can be moved quickly to the done stage. How many issues are still open in a story. This will help to achieve maximum velocity every sprint.

Say Goodbye to mechanical scrum and Better prepared for Daily Scrum with Krosswall.

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