The selling point of fixed cost Agile Project !!!

The selling point of fixed cost Agile Project !!!

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How to make the impossible possible?

Industries are moving towards Agile, However end end-clients are not or may be at a low speed. Even in today’s world, more than 50% of small and medium size projects are getting executed on Fixed Price model. What to do with Fixed cost Agile project?

The difficult job is to make a client think Agile. Good not to try this in the first shot with such clients, as high chance of losing an opportunity. Rather one should work on honest relationship building.

Give quote in the traditional way ( Assuming we still know how to quote using traditional methods.) Make your client convinced to work on high business priority item first.

Research says out of initial scope, 60% functions are not even useful. Out of remaining 40%, only 15-18% is actually useful in the daily life of end user. Develop those 15% first, give value to your client and end users.

You may see that your client is more involved in the project, at times entire vision will be changed and the first quote will be no more valid. Now, ask your client to go Agile.

The selling point of a fixed cost Agile Project is to work on Prioritize item deliver business value early and just be honest with your client.

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