How to achieve “High performing Agile Teams”

How to achieve “High performing Agile Teams”

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Agile Teams has to focus on many dimension of project execution. Having said that, on top of technical skills they have to adopt agile principals, tool’s need, teamwork and soft skills.

At times other than technical skills takes more time in adoption. Companies witness downward performance graph.

Agile visionaries talk about measuring 360-degree performance, instead just looking at technical one.

Following are few key notes helps in achieving High Performing Agile Teams:

Be Agile While Implementing Agile
Let’s not be too rigid in implementation. For example, on Agile guidelines for Size of Sprint, On estimation methodology, User Story definition template, Team consistency etc. Go step by step in the adoption of Agile, else the team will have a lot burden of Process, and everything will be delayed till it is perfect and as per process.

Focus on Communication & Commitment
To start with, Team should interact well with each other daily. Understand priorities & dependencies. Talk about hurdles if any. The team needs to respect their sprint commitment. Do optimum usage of DoD and never miss on Reviews & Retrospective.

Efficient Tool
At times tools are the major bottleneck. Seriously, you spend a lot of time to punching information in tool in order to get perfect analysis about how sprint is evolving. Use, tools that give maximum automation on such activities. Like Krosswall

One step at a time
Agile is a tall stairway, never jump steps. It takes the time to develop a mature Agile team. So, take one step at a time. Implement more processes & less DoDs as the team gets mature. Agile has hugely benefited lot of industries, and if implanted correctly you will surely achieve “High Performing Agile Teams

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