Scrum/ Kanban

A tool for all type of projects.Scrum and Kanban wall/board are an integral part of the tool. When making use of krosswall, it handles the synchronization between story/task walls, all statistics are updated fully at all times.

SAFe Enabled

Krosswall fully supports Scaled Agile Framework ( SAFe). Scale your enterprise agility at all level of organization – Team, Program, Release, Value & Portfolio.

Agile Reporting & Enterprise Reporting

Agile Teams has access to specific value added reports to increase their agility. At the same time, there are dynamic reporting for projects and portfolio for enterprise users.


Prioritize effectively and make logical groups using Epics and Tags


Support for all framework, select the best for your project.

Release Planning

Manage Releases with productive views.

Sprint Planning & Tracking

Extensive Sprint & Member planning along with real time tracking

Team Planning

Coordinate group and their task.

Day Planning

Plan your day in less than 5 mins, get ready for daily standups

Daily Scrum

Get Answer of all below in one page for entire team : What I have done yesterday? What Am i going to do today ? Any Hurdles ?


Auto burn-down, Perfect burndown charts with data and velocity charts.


Consolidated list of stories done and ready for review.


Collect Anonymous feedback and improve. An innovative way to collect feedback via mobile app.

Roll-up Estimates

Drill down high level estimates at task level and get accurate roll-up on top.

Scrum /Kanban Boards

Do everything on Wall if you like to be on wall.

Live Time Tracking/ Time logs

If time-sheet is an integral part of project, then do track live time and generate time-sheet in one click.

Bug / Issue Management

Quality can not be overlooked in any project. Issue tracking, tagging extensive search, dashboard and reports.

Test Case Management

Collaboratively manage test cases and connect to Stories.

Definition of Done (DoD)

Consistency for acceptance criteria across all users, stories, and tasks.

Project Road Map

All sprints with its duration on a timeline.

Split Story

Break story with tasks, issues, and notes as a new story with same story data.

Dashboards & Reports

Track the progress of project, sprint or issues and team capacity.

Team Availability

Able to see who is available for work and how long.

Multi Team

Two or more teams that work combine or independently to accomplish the target.

Kross Team

Watch the work of al reporting users with their time logs.

Kross Project

List of all projects in which you are a participant.


Recording the amount of an employee’s time spent on each card.

My Cards

Cards which are assigned to me in the project.

To-do Management

Manage everything other than project but important to you.

Pick Request

Send a request to give the ownership of Backlog.

Synchronized Walls

Quick snapshots can be achieved when tracking walls.

Quick Adds

Add story, task, issue, test case in a short time with default set values.

Advance Customization

Change the priority, status, source, type etc.. at the project level.

Project/Role based Security

Secure your data using roles or assign to the only participant.

Dynamic Fields

For extra information add extra fields to the story, task, or issues level.

Default Values

Set by default values to epic, story, task, issue.

Auto saved filters

View the same list by applying the filter only once for every list.

Activity Logs

All changes are done from today back to the very beginning.

Holiday Setup

Set the company holidays which will help you to schedule the sprints and members work in the project.


You can use the site on any device.

Mobile App

Plan and track your day using the mobile app.


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