Agile Transformation

The agile transformation definition is just as an act of changing an organization’s form or nature slowly but surely to the one that is able to embrace and thrive in flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, fast-changing environment. The Agile Manifesto values and principles can be taught and practiced throughout the organization as it does not merely apply to development teams.

The whole organization needs to understand the meaning of an agile transformation and the value of it in order to benefit from the rewards of reaching true, healthy agility. The entire cultural and organizational frame of mind must change to the one that embraces a culture of self-organization and collaboration.

Transformation requires a unique strategy created for the organization that will be transformed to one that is self-sufficient, self-organizing and that has a high-performing culture that fosters and encourages collaboration and transparent communication.

  • Transformation is not overnight
  • It’s a culture shift, so initial resistance is obvious.
  • Start with small ( team, project ) / Go all in one ( depends on organization )
  • Keep doing retrospective / feedbacks
  • Focus on Agile Values, not on Process
  • Be Agile while implementing Agile
  • Provide transparent and healthy environment

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