Scrum & Kanban

Agile Project Management Tool

Scrum & Kanban

Agile Project Management Tool

Are you having any of the following thoughts lately?

I keep spending too much time taking status and planning. I need to do more innovative things.Any Project Manager
I would really like to follow agile but the culture of my company doesn’t associate with Agile valuesAgile Start-ups
I am passionate about agile but I can’t seem to find the proper tool that covers all aspects of agileAgile Follower
It is quite expensive to practice agile!!!

All Agile Lovers

You can say goodbye to bug trackers with Krosswall – #1 scrum tool

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Profitable Business
Change Handling
Project Completion
Employee Satisfaction

Prioritized Requirement Stack

Instead of limiting your focus to only a small feature of your system, plan for a larger picture first. Then Prioritize and drill down.
Your engineering team has a stack of prioritized requirements which needs to be implemented.

Krosswall maintains Prioritization at two major level – individual and within same group.

Clear Thought – Solid Planning

Plan every single thing

Take out time to plan every parameter of Sprint. Story delivery goals, Members Availability, Quality Goals.

Day Planning @ 5 Min
you’ll have a Successful delivery when you start with better day planning.

Solid Planning- Smooth Execution

Synchronized Tracking

Quick snapshots can be achieved when tracking walls.

When making use of krosswall, it handles the synchronisation between story/task walls, all statistics are updated fully at all times and the
Definition of Done(DoD) are handled carefully by the system, so be rest assured that nothing is missed.

Smooth Tracking – Less Meetings

High Collaboration – Less Meetings

Do not waste time on fruitless meetings. Each team can plan their day before coming for Scrum meetings.

Get clarity on ‘Today’s Scrum’ board of how the day is going.

BUZZ is history!!

High Performing Teams – Supreme Quality

Quality in Agile way

Your prime concern may be to make the customer happy by continuous and early delivery of great software.

Test Scenario and Fully automated issue tracking workflow, helps to calculate and gain the quality of Sprint and Project.

Supreme Quality – Successful Delivery

Review – &- Retrospect

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Giving working demos to your customers would get you a lot of reviews.

Then from time to time, the team can use these reviews as a yardstick on how to fine tune and adjust its ways of doing things so that they can become efficient.

Experience the most unconventional method to perform retrospective making use of Krosswall.

Honest Feedback – Improved Next Delivery



enables you to create an effortless combination of
Scrum, Lean , AUP, Kanban and Extreme Programming.

No one is satisfactory for perfect a delivery but You will end up with the best from the above mentioned.

What are you waiting for ?

Sign up for free and enjoy benefits of being Agile.

Agile Project Management Tool

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